Why You Should Consider Converting 8MM Film To DVD

8mm film to dvd

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There are many benefits to converting 8mm film to DVD format overall. one of the main reasons why people choose to convert 8mm film to DVD is the security and protection a DVD can offer compared with a traditional 8mm film in its original format. In this article we will look at why you should consider converting 8mm film to dvd. You should look to organisations such as digital converters if you are considering this process.

8mm film to dvd

What Is 8MM Film?

8mm film is a type of film format which has been around for over 50 years. It comprises of film reels which are typically used within 8mm film cameras. Increasingly the equipment which is used to support this technology is becoming more and more scarce as a result of new technology being used and phasing out older technology.

8mm film is unique in the sense that much of film archive and film footage captured on 8mm film when it was created is stored on this media platform. Eventually much of this footage will be lost if it is not stored and looked after carefully. Transferring into a digital format would ensure that there is a safe and flexible platform through which the media can be stored.

Why Convert 8mm film to DVD?

There are a variety of different reasons as to why you should consider converting 8mm film to dvd overall. One of the main reasons why you should consider converting 8mm film to dvd is overall support and ease of repairs. DVD format is considerably more easy to repair than 8mm format. This is because there is far more support available for the DVD format overall. This is due to the overall popularity of the DVD and the sheer volume of DVD’s in circulation around the world.

Another key reason why it may be worthwhile converting 8mm film to dvd format is the flexibility that dvd format can offer. Dvds can be used on multiple different platforms. This means that the media stored on dvds is a lot more secure as it can be stored on various platforms such as computers , TV’s , tablets etc.

How Has Media And Film making Changed Overall?

There is a variety of different ways in which media and film making has changed overall. Back in the 50s and the 60s film making was done primarily with cameras with 8mm film. However as time has gone on digital technology has began to dwarf other technology forms such as 8mm film.

In addition to this development of cameras has led to the majority of mobile phones being equipped with cameras as well as video recorders which has also contributed to an overall slump in demand for traditional filming material.


Overall to conclude it is clear that technology has changed at a rapid rate since the first overall introduction of the 8mm film. This had led to a drop in demand and repair and replacement services for 8mm film becoming a lot more scarce overall. Although 8mm film is still in circulation it is considerably more difficult to find repair services for it. Converting to digital is well worth considering overall.