Top Five Tips For Preparing For An Interview


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You’ve handed in your resume and things are beginning to look up. You got an interview! Now you need to sit down and prepare. By following the steps listed in this article and doing your own research you will be in with a great chance of having a brand new job at the end of the process. Obviously, it is all down to your skills for the job but there is so much riding on your interview skills and your demeanour within the interview, so you need to nail it.

Research Potential Employer

Hopefully, you have done this before applying for the position with the company, but if not, pre-interview you should learn some facts about the potential employer. What is their motto or mantra, are they based in many places or just one, are they known for treating employees well? There are so many things you could learn about your potential future boss by doing a quick Google search. This way, in the interview you can refer to facts about their own company- showing knowledge and preparation.


Study Interview Questions

It’s a well-known fact that some questions come up in almost every time. For example, I think every person of working age has been asked, “Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?”

Look up these questions and have a couple of answers prepared. It won’t hurt to have some prep for questions towards your motivations and goals anyway, as they may ask a similar question in a different way.

Be Prepared

This does not just mean the previously mentioned research. Have your clothes laid out the night before, and make sure you are well-presented and cleaned up before. Don’t go out for drinks or lunch beforehand and make sure you know exactly how to get to the location well in advance of travelling. You’re here to make a great first impression, so being timely and presentable will really help you out.

Be Professional

On the day, be courteous, use as much professional language or jargon as seems appropriate and most definitely do not swear. Come ready with a copy of your resume and possibly any good pieces of work you have done in your field of expertise.

Follow Up

After the interview, make sure to send a short thank-you email or text to the potential employer to keep your name on their radar. You could even like their Facebook page or something similar in order to highlight your presence and hopefully be recognised.


Hopefully, your upcoming interview will no longer be as frightening and you will know how to prepare in advance!