Temporary Building Hire Made Easy with Professional Event Crew


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Today, marketers and retailers are constantly striving to come up with fresh ways to dazzle potential customers and remain relevant within their industry. With the world being more connected than ever, brands are under surveillance 24/7 from smartphone-wielding fans, and even worse, smartphone-wielding critics. When it comes to product launches and other important marketing events, brands must provide a dynamic experience that is unique and distinctive, yet consistent at every location. The best way to achieve all of this is through temporary building hire. However, finding a team with the desired skill to erect and dismantle your temporary space over an extended period of time and across the country may be the biggest challenge of all. Thankfully, you can now hire event crew specifically for this type of project.

Yellow Alfa Romeo within a temporary building built by event crew.

Dynamic Marketing Events

When running a travelling event that will take place across various cities, it can be difficult to find locations that share the same architectural and interior design at every stop. This consistency is important when raising awareness of a brand or product for the first time, as the overall goal is to submerge every attendee in the very essence and concept of what you are selling. For example, if you are introducing a new luxury perfume for women that is elegant, regal, and opulent then your marketing event must embody these attributes at every level. From the exterior of the building to the entrance to the lighting, the fragrance, the decoration, the furniture, the serving staff and the music. All of these aspects will be chosen specifically to convey this message. This atmosphere must be replicated at every event, in every city so that the message is consistent and your brand is consistent. Instead of struggling to source and secure buildings in each location with enough similarities to achieve your goal, why not choose temporary building hire.

Temporary Building Hire

By choosing temporary building hire, you can choose a structure that has been designed and constructed with your event in mind. The materials, textures, colours, lighting and interior fittings will all be determined by you and your brand. This means you will have a building that from its very foundations communicates your marketing message through and through. What’s even better is temporary buildings are portable, meaning you can take it to every location on your tour and will be presented in exactly the same way every time.

Event crew standing inside pop up shop made from temporary building hire.

Event Crew

You may be wondering, how will I find a team of skilled builders who can commit to travelling to every location throughout the entire tour? There is event crew hire available in the UK, specifically for temporary buildings. These highly skilled construction workers specialise in temporary buildings and will be thoroughly briefed in your strategy. These event crew companies are used to travelling for work so all the staff will be selected and arranged for you. With impressive problem solving and project management skills, event crew from temporary buildings will be able to overcome all obstacles and deliver a smooth build at every stop.