Office Partition | Could Office Partitions Transform Your Workspace?


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An office partition system is a great way to transform an office with minimal disruption and cost compared to other methods. This article will inform you about the most popular types of office partition and the benefits of installing them.

Different Types of Office Partition

Some of the most popular types of office partitioning include;

Glass Partitions

Glass partitions are great for letting in light to the office. This type of office partition can be customised with faded glass to keep some of the privacy, without making employees feel cut off. They can also be customised with a company’s colours and logos which will make your office be unique and look professional.

Solid Partitions

Solid partitions offer maximum discretion and privacy. This type of partition is perfect for an office that requires spaces to provide optimal focus for employees.

Acoustic Partitions

These types of partitions are perfect if you’re looking to reduce noise in the office. Acoustic partitions come in a range of designs including double glazed, single glazed and solid. The solid acoustic partitions will be far more soundproof than the glass. But the glass partitions will let in a lot of natural light, so it just depends what level of soundproofing your office requires.

Demountable Partitions

Many office partition designs are fulling demountable and relocatable. This gives you a flexible workspace that you could change at any time depending on what is required. If your office relocates you can even take them with you!

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Benefits of Using Office Partitioning

There are many benefits of installing office partitions, these include;

Cost Effective

Office partitions are much more cost effective than installing a solid wall. They are also more cost-effective as you can take them with you if you move office, meaning that you can have these partitions for life.


20-30 people in one room aren’t really practical. The amount of noise and distractions will lower productivity. With office partitioning, you can still keep your communal and friendly office space, but have less noise and more privacy.


As well as privacy during working time, office partitions can also be used to create other amenities that your office may not have already, such as a break room. This will allow staff to relax during their breaks and be able to go back to their desks more refreshed.


Office partition can transform the look of an office. Many partitioning styles are extremely modern and can make your office look a lot better and more professional. You can also get them branded to your company.


This benefit is directly linked to glass partitions, which can dramatically increase the amount of natural light that comes into the office. This will not only make the office space more appealing but will boost the mood of your employees and the general vibe of the office.