How to Get Inspired


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Write it Down

Write down everything, no matter how good or bad an idea is, it can be developed or altered at a different date. Putting thoughts onto paper is a good way to reference back to them. It also means you aren’t going to forget.


Reading not only improves your vocabulary but your knowledge as well. The more you use your brain the harder it will work.

Find New Surroundings

The physical space around you can affect your mind and the way you think. If you’re stuck in the same room day in day out, it can be difficult to get inspired. Try going somewhere different, such as an internet café, or even just go for a walk and look around you. Inspiration can be drawn from anywhere.


Broaden Your Horizons

Travelling is a great way to get inspired as it lets you see new ways of life and other things that you may not have seen before. Not everyone can afford to just take a random holiday, but even going to a different town or city in your country for a day could help.

Ask Around

Getting perspective from other people is extremely important when it comes to inspiration. Although the ideas you have may be good, input from other people may make them even better.

Hit the Gym

It’s been shown that physical stimulation and mental stimulation can be linked. Staying in shape also helps you be more alert and focused. Plus, doing something physical will mean that your attention will be focused on what you are doing. Meaning that your thought process can reboot afterwards.

Clear Away Distractions

Put your phone on aeroplane mode and it will do you wonders. Although smartphones can be an excellent source of information, they can also be a massive distraction.

Question All Assumptions

This links in with writing everything down. Every idea should be explored and all possible methods should be thought about. Sometimes you won’t know you have a good idea until you figure it out.

Focus on Yourself

You need to be in the right frame of mind to be creative. Ensure you aren’t stressed, get enough sleep, look after yourself and it will come naturally.

Be Open to All Sources

It’s important to take information from all sources, friends and relatives can be just as useful as people in your field.


Usually, the best way to learn is through failure. So don’t be afraid to fail is it could end up aiding you in the future.

Have Quiet Time

Meditation can be an excellent way to clear your mind and this is essential when it comes to being creative and inspired.

Listen to Music

An alternative to having quiet time is to listen to music. Music is an art and involves a lot of creativeness, which may trigger your brains creativity.