C02 Monitoring Guide


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C02 monitoring is an important part of industry and increasingly C02 monitoring is being undertaken in both business and non business environments. One of the reasons for this is a large increase overall in the size of the C02 monitoring market. In this guide I will explain the different forms of C02 monitors that can be found as well as the difference that they are making in the industry as a whole.

What Is C02?

C02 is a naturally occurring gas which is present in our atmosphere as well as being produced through the burning of certain materials as well as production of different items. One of the key features about C02 is that if it goes above average levels when present in the atmosphere it can pose a serious risk to health.

Excess C02 can lead to unconsciousness and eventually even death. In order to counter this problem there has been a number of developments within the C02 research field to produce monitoring devices as well as alarms.

Another concern regarding C02 is the effect it can have the environment with emissions causing climate change on a global scale.