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Congratulations! You’re engaged. It’s time to plan the wedding. From trying to find the best wedding bands in Scotland to trying to find the most extravagant cake, a wedding can be quite stressful to plan. However, this short guide has got a list of some of the things that you will definitely need prior to getting married. The day itself will be a lot of fun and love, but you have to put the hard work in first!

Engagement Party

Let everyone know you’re getting married and have a right good knees-up to mark the occasion.

Best Wedding Bands In Scotland

The Guest List

Make sure you have asked both sets of parents who they would like to invite to the wedding. Then add some of your own friends.

The Budget

Weddings can be expensive. Decide on a strict budget before you start planning or booking anything officially.

The Date & Venue

Traditional church wedding or wedding in the back garden? These are all things you have to decide first, as venues get booked up faster (and more in advance) than you would think.

Dresses! Pantsuits! Kilts!

Most important for some people, what on earth are you going to wear? From the bride’s gown to the ushers’ suits- you need to get outfits sorted and measured well in advance in order to look good on the day.

The Food

You can’t have guests going hungry! Book your caterers as soon as the venue has been confirmed, or check whether the venue will provide dinner or a buffet for your guests.

The Photographer

Unless you have a talented friend willing to document your special day, you will need to book a photographer.

The Band

For this you are going to want one of the best wedding bands in Scotland. There are full websites dedicated to finding you the perfect band so just decide the style of music you want and get a booking.

The Officiant

This will entirely depend on whether you are having a traditional religious ceremony or a humanist one.

The Flowers

From table centrepieces to the bridesmaids’ corsages you will need to decide on and book your floral features well in advance.

The Cake

For the famous cake-cutting moment at your reception, you’re going to need a cake. Search your local bakeries and see who can bake one to meet your style.

The Rings

As a sign of your undying love, make sure you have sized and ordered your rings. That would be an awkward one to forget until the day of your wedding!

The Cars

No point booking a venue you can’t get to! Work out what transport you are going to use and book it giving you plenty of time for traffic and unexpected delays.


Do you want to leave the very day after your wedding or are you saving up for a honeymoon well in the future? This is something to think about a good bit in advance of the wedding so you can decide location and price.

The Invitations

That guest list from earlier? Invite them all!


Everything you are wearing, the rings, your honeymoon case, pack it weeks before the wedding to save you stressing at the time.

Get Married!

Provided all of the above, plus your own special twists work out… get married to the love of your life and enjoy it!

Best Wedding Bands In Scotland

(Pay Everyone)

As a final, depressing note, make sure to remember to pay ALL of the vendors and services involved. Don’t want to be receiving angry emails with invoices from the best wedding bands in Scotland on your honeymoon!